VMware Product Development

  • VMware is widely deployed in datacenters, allowing companies big and small to get more out of their computing, networking and storage assets. VMware’s position in the marketplace drives a large and healthy ecosystem of partners developing software and hardware solutions that integrate into a VMware run datacenter. These solutions range from virtual optimized hardware solutions to data center analytics and management software platforms.

    In virtualized storage, VMware is leading the way with storage extensions and API’s that allow storage to be virtualized, depicted and ultimately managed at the hypervisor level.

    • VAAI – VMware vSphere Storage APIs – Array Integration
    • VASA- vSphere APIs for Storage Awareness
    • VVOL – VMware Virtual Volumes

    Software and storage vendors need to develop and test their products with and against these new classes of functions if they want to play in the VMware ecosystem.

    SANBlaze products provide extensive, certified  support for these VMware storage extensions, delivering  unique, emulated, cost effective, scalable systems for firms developing solutions that integrate into a VMware environment.

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