About SANBlaze Storage Emulation

  • SANBlaze Technology, Inc. is a pioneer in storage emulation technologies and a leading provider of storage, networking and multifunction solutions for embedded systems. SANBlaze emulation systems are deployed in the test and development labs of most major storage hardware and software vendors worldwide.

  • Key Customers

Storage Emulation:

The SANBlaze VirtuaLUN Target Emulation System for Fibre Channel shipped to our first customer in June of 2004. Since that time, we have delivered the product to an increasing list of storage hardware, software and HBA vendors. A constantly evolving product, we are continuously incorporating many new features that our customers ask for, and provide 2 to 3 major software releases yearly. Product releases have included the GargantuLUN family, which provides higher port density in the form of a 12 and 24 port Fibre Channel version.

  • In 2006, the SANBlazter family of Initiator emulation solutions was introduced.
  • In 2007, we delivered SAS emulation systems.
  • In 2008, we saw the release of the 8G Fibre Channel emulation systems.
  • In 2009, emulation systems for FCoE (Fibre Channel over Ethernet) and 6G SAS systems were delivered, continuing the company’s history of supplying innovative, leading edge storage networking test and development equipment.
  • In 2011, we introduced iSCSI emulation systems for both target and initiator.
  • In 2012, we delivered the industries first (and only) 16G Fibre Channel emulation systems and solutions.
  • In 2013, we released a 12G SAS emulator.
  • 2014 product milestones include VMware certification, VMware VVOL emulation and 40G Emulation solutions.

The name VirtuaLUN comes from the fact that the product provides the ability to have virtual “LUNS” or disk drives. Truthfully, no one uses this name. Some people call it just the SANBlaze, the SANBlazer, the SANbolizer, the Target Emulator and a number of other names that the engineers here think are very funny but wouldn’t really look good on a datasheet. Frankly, we’re not all that concerned with what people call it, as long as they call it a great, “indispensable tool that they can’t be without.” (actual customer quote)

The Company:

Founded in 2003, we are a well funded, private company, started by entrepreneurs and business people who have founded and grown successful, customer focused technology companies prior to beginning SANBlaze.

In 2008 we were recognized by Inc. Magazine as the 161st fastest growing private company in America, based on our 1417% growth from 2004 to 2008.

In July 2010 we purchased embedded technologies specialist Emtech LLC to accelerate SANBlaze’s growth in embedded product designs, sales and integration. This strategic acquisition has allowed us to expand our sales force, product line and partnerships, providing our OEM, defense and telecom customers with more technical and economic options to deploy ATCA solutions.

Due to our continued growth, in December 2011, we moved our headquarters to a new facility in Littleton, Massachusetts.