Full Turnkey NVMe 2.5″ SSD Validation Test System

  • SBExpress Bundle

    SBExpress Chassis

  • The SANBlaze SBExpress full feature set provides a unique set of functions applicable in all aspects of a product lifecycle; from development to design validation to test and QA. The ability to drive NVMe SSDs with a wide range of configurable attributes provides engineers with a flexible, scalable tool to simulate real disk and memory access environments and issues. Development, qualification, and certification test cycles can be highly automated, thus reducing overall test time, and rapidly surfacing errors and non-conformance.

    SBExpress hardware also features full power margining under software control and continuous Voltage, Current and Power measurement at each device while testing. Adding an optional Quarch™ riser enables signal glitching on all PCIe signals, and Quarch integration into SANBlaze VLUN software allows glitching, PCIe lane failure and drive controlled/surprise removal operations to occur while testing.

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    SBExpress Overview

    An introduction to the capabilities of the SBExpress full turnkey NVMe 2.5″ SSD validation test system.

  • PCIe Adapter and Cable

  • PCIe Adapter

  • VirtuaLUN Software

  • Single Riser Carrier

  • Dual Riser Carrier

  • Quarch Riser Carrier

SBExpress Bundles

SB-NVME-H001D SANBlaze Express Chassis included included included
150-00041 PCIe x16 GEN3 Host Interface Board x2 included included included
50-500140R Cable PCIe x16 1M x2 included included included
SB-NVME-S2D1P SANBlaze Express Two Drive, Single Port Riser Carrier Up to 8 Standard Carriers included with SBExpress Chassis
SB-NVME-S1D2P SANBlaze Express One Drive, Dual Port Riser Carrier
SB-NVME-Q2D1P SANBlaze Express Two Drive, Single Port Quarch Riser Carrier Optional
SB-SLF-C0I0F0S24-128-008A SANBlaze SLF 1U System, 128G, 24 NVMe Ports, 1 CPU n/a included n/a
SB-VLF-C0I0F0S24-128-008A SANBlaze VLF 1U System, 128G, 24 NVMe Ports, 2 CPU n/a n/a included
SW-E0030-008A SANBlaze Enterprise Software, 24 Ports NVME, Initiator included included included
  • General Features

    • High bandwidth NVMe 1.2 testing (24GB/sec)
    • Full hot-plug support
    • Voltage margining
    • Power monitoring at each drive
    • Automated stress testing for validation
    • Software integration for automation test environments REST/XML API and CLI test infrastructure
    • Performance over time, power over time
    • Latency testing
    • UNH conformance test support for 7.0
    • Dual and Single Port SSD support
    • m.2 SSD adapter available
    • I2C connection to Management Interface (MI)

    Key Applications

    • Quarch™ integration, which allows signal “glitching,” hot plug/surprise removal
    • Simultaneous signal integrity test control with data verification
    • Extensive NVMe command control including firmware download, format, namespace management, T10 DIF
    • Generic IO for all NVMe low level and custom commands
    • Performance testing
    • Error handling
    • Multi port failover testing
    • Full validation test capability beyond “UNH conformance” with a fully customizable solution to match “end to end” departmental test requirements from engineering development to validation to QA to manufacturing floor
  • SBExpress VirtuaLUN NVMe Software

    The VLUN NVMe software provides full control and programmability of parameters, providing unique storage test conditions for NVMe drive testing, development and conformance testing. VLUN software includes:

    • Test coverage for all aspects of the 1.2 Version NVMe specification
    • UNH Conformance Test Suite 7.0 with Dual Port drive support
    • SGL, SR-IOV, full namespace control and reservations
    • Drive multiple ports of traffic simultaneously
    • Send specific or custom op codes in an easy to use scriptable format
    • Read/write/compare testing
    • Error injection
    • Custom command builder
    • Drive and test single or multiple NVMe target devices

    NVMe Test Platform Features

    • Supports 4-lane (Single) and 2×2-lane (Dual) PCIe devices.
    • Supports a total of 8 DUT’s dual path or 16 DUT’s single path
    • Internal power source – 110V/240V AC, 50-60Hz, 8.5A.
    • NVMe connector savers (interposer boards)
    • Hot swappable devices under test
    • Status and power indicators
    • Power margining
    • Power measurements and insertion count