SANBlaze Announces NVM Express Initiator Support

– New SANBlaze VirtuaLUN update features: ability to drive NVMe targets with a wide range of configurable attributes

Littleton, MA, December 3, 2015 — SANBlaze today announced full NVM Express (NVMe) support in its industry sanblazeLUNs2leading storage emulation software.   SANBlaze VirtuaLUN NVMe Initiator is the key piece of test equipment for anyone needing to test NVMe target devices. NVMe was created to deliver the full potential of Non-Volatile Memory in Enterprise and Client platforms for PCI Express® based SSDs. The VirtuaLUN feature set provides a unique set of functions applicable in all aspects of a product lifecycle; from development to design validation to test and QA. The ability to drive NVMe targets with a wide range of configurable attributes provides engineers with a flexible, scalable tool to simulate real disk and memory access environments and issues. Development, qualification and certification test cycles can be highly automated, reducing time and surfacing issues and errors.

” With a large installed base of SAS support, our customers asked for NVMe support as the next logical technology to use our products” said Mitul Patel, Product Manager at SANBlaze. “We augmented our existing initiator support to include new NVMe specific functionality, as well as new reporting and scripting capabilities.”

The VirtuaLUN provides full control and programmability of NVMe parameters, providing unique storage test conditions for NVMe drive testing, development and certification. Additional support for updating and loading firmware, as well as support for secure erase, provides support for further automation steps and processes. Initiator emulation delivers the ability to drive multiple channels of traffic, inject errors, send specific or custom op codes in an easy to use, scriptable platform. Custom command generation and predefined tests provide simulated host environments. Auto connect and probe features quickly identify targets to test. Features such as Read/Write/Compare testing, error injection and a custom command builder provide an environment to drive and test single or multiple NVMe target devices. Drive pulls can be automated via integration of “Quarch” NVMe interposer card using REST API, scripting or Web based GUI.

Typical applications include: NVMe Drive testing, software verification, performance, error handling and scalability testing.

SANBlaze VirtuaLUN™ target emulation systems are available in a number of configurations and system sizes, as well as a software only version deployed on customer hardware.  SANBlaze appliance options of 1U and 3U systems provide varying options for port density and memory configurations.

About NVM Express

NVM Express is the optimized, high-performance, scalable host controller interface with a streamlined register interface and command set designed for non-volatile memory based storage.  NVM Express specifications are owned by NVM Express, Inc.